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SMP ENTERPRISES was set up in 1998 as a private business company.

The Company began as a lumber dealer for export, specializing in Teak, Rosewood, wood Burl (Afzelia, Emboena ...) and other species of Lao woods. Later, in 2000, SMP woodshop shifted its emphasis to value-added products from hard to fine wood such:  Burl of Afzelia & Padauk (Emboena), Ebony, Rosewood, Rengas, Teak & others hard wood.

SMP ENTERPRISES focuses on value-added exotic wood products. We pay special attention in minimizing waste and turn the remainders of production into handicraft products.

Our customers come from all over the world particularly from USA, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Norway, Denmark, Latvia, Japan, China, Thailand and others Asian Countries.

  • Sets up a factory to produce high quality wood products such as: finished and semi-finished wood products  such as: handicrafts, furniture, equipments for education purposes, sport and musical instruments, toys & others items according to customers specifications either for export or local consumption.

  • Promotes and stimulates domestic production, to utilize raw materials of the country, especially value- added product manufacturing, minimizing waste from the wood processing by turning discarded, roots, tree stumps, branches and burls  from  tree species  into  high quality  products.

  • Utilizes capacities and potential of the natural resources as required by the economic situation. 

  • Provides jobs for Lao citizens and provides income to their family and community.

  • Upgrades the knowledge, the capacity and the creative, spirit of Lao work force, contributes to the national budget and attracts foreign currency to the nation.

        Our goal is to become the leading manufacturer of fine handicrafts made of exotic tropical wood, supplier of rare burls and market these products internationally. We are taking part in the Lao Government's effort in forestry conservation.

       We aspire to build a reputation in the market place for the development and delivery of novelty One-Of-A-Kind products at pieces for collectors of rare and fine wood items. We can achieve this by acquisition of raw materials, setting up our production facility and equipment suitable for large orders,  novelty in products, development, good understanding of market trends and needs, innovative and profitable merchandising and packaging our customer's orders and specifications.


        We combine machine and hand-made techniques to produce carving, turning, and assembling articles made of different wood artfully joined together in one lovely piece. We also manufacture other articles according to the customer's order and specifications.

        Our wood products for sale and show in our showroom and stock have more than 500 items, different in design, style, form, size and made from various kinds of wood species


  • Our products are unique, because they are made mostly by hand from wood that they are extremely rare on earth. Each raw material that we use, no man can duplicate its texture, pattern and engineering quality. The person who possesses our product will have the ONE-OF-A-KIND item, marking the status of true rare article collector.

  • SMP ENTERPRISES development strategy is to become a leading Lao manufacturer of fine handicrafts made of local woods while taking part in the Lao Government efforts in forestry conservation. Instead of exporting raw material without any added value, SMP is willing to minimize massive logging by specializing in value-added product manufacturing, minimizing wastes from sawmills and using discarded roots, trees stumps, branches and  burls.

  • SMP’s products being “unique” for “exclusive” Clients, meaning top quality products showing all around the world the beauty of Lao woods and art, combining rare raw material, nice natural scents and technical expertise.

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